4 Ways to Butter Up Mom on Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s time for the rest of the family to start making plans to show their appreciation for their mother dearest. Mothers deserve the utmost respect, appreciation and love 365 days of the year for all that they do. Mother’s Day is a day where we get to really lay it on thick… butter her up both literally with some yummy morsel of her favorite food and figuratively with gifts, experiences or other tokens of appreciation. And we have the ultimate plan to butter up mom this year starting with a little breakfast in bed (or wherever mom prefers) with fluffy, buttery pancakes. Of course, we know that every mom has a different pancake preference so here are a few delectable pancake recipes for every mom:

  1. The Traditional - For the mom who prefers classic buttermilk pancakes, Martha Stewart has the recipe for you. No frills but all the fluff and flavor. Dressed with a pat of Majestic Organic butter and a little maple syrup, your mom will enjoy this brunch staple in the most traditional sense. 
  2. The Leveled Up - For the mom with a sweet tooth, kick the traditional recipe up a few notches with these Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes from The Minimalist Baker. With oats, bananas, flaxseed and chocolate chips, these pancakes are both nutritious and indulgent. Top off the stack with a creamy pat of Majestic Organic butter.
  3. The Health Nut - For the mom who lives life on the healthy side, light and tasty almond flour pancakes might be just the ticket. We recommend adding some flavor by cooking them up in a little butter or melting a pat on top with some berries or sautéed apples. 
  4. The Butter-centric - For the mom who loves a showstopper, do we have one for you. These Brown Butter Pancakes with Sheet Pan Berry Syrup are perfect for serving a group and entertaining requests for them again next year. There’s plenty of flavor packed into these decadent pancakes.

        After a delightful breakfast, we suggest a few other options to butter up mom on her special day. We polled a few mama’s to find out what they really want for Mother’s Day. And while flowers are lovely and always appreciated, moms who are at the beck and call of their young ones all day every day had more practical gifts in mind:

        1. A day alone - Sometimes moms just need a day to themselves to do… whatever they want! It could be a day to pamper themselves or simply a day to lay around and binge tv or read. Giving a mom some space to be herself with no responsibilities is one of the best gifts you can give.  
        2. Sleep - This one is especially good for moms with little ones, sleep can be hard to come by. Carve out an hour or two for mom to crawl into her cozy bed and take a nap. Make it extra special by setting up a comforting sleep environment by fluffing and spraying lavender scents on her pillow, getting her new comfy pajamas or a sound machine for better sleep. 
        3. One ticket to a movie or show - Why just one? For a mom’s day out - alone. Many moms long for a moment alone to enjoy something that they love free from other demands on their time and energy. It’s a moment for a mom to be present and focus her mind on something that they enjoy and tune out the rest of the world for a moment in time. 
        4. Spa day - Give mom a day to herself to be pampered and spoiled at her favorite spa with a massage, facial, scrub or whatever she prefers. Moms love a day or even a few hours to relax, breathe and focus on themselves for a moment. 

              With a little butter, Majestic or otherwise, make this Mother’s Day one to remember by listening to the moms in your life regarding what they are needing or wanting this year. The absolute best gift you can give is to simply listen and to honor their wishes by showing them endless love and appreciation. And a delicious baked good never hurts either!